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Name Doris
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Hobbies cooking, baking, sewing,and family not necessarily in that order.
About Me I am 62 years old, married with 2 children and 2 cats. My father died recently, so I spend a lot of my spare time taking care of my 91 year old mother. I work as a Respiratory Therapy Technician and have been in this field for 44 years.
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585 days ago

I have never won anything in my life. My husband says our last name is a jinx. This year has been so bad, winning anything now would be a thrill. My father died on my son's birthday last year and my cat died on my daughter's birthday. Thank GOD I only have two kids! My brother-in-law died January 12th of this year, my husband lost his job in March, my son lost his in July..should I continue? I am the only one working in my house. I have two part time jobs and have not gotten paid by one of them for over a month. No money he says. Merry Christmas? Like I said winning anything would be a thrill and a great holiday for the whole family. If I don't win, I hope whoever does needs it too. Thanks Ellen for making the holidays special for so many people. How about one more ?