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About Me LOVE your show but can get into activate my member sign in ? forth try??
Send Us Your Cat Week Videos and Photos!
117 days ago

Ralph Lauren Kitty. This is Dillon. He poses when I take out the camera.
Where do you load pix?

Vote for Your Favorite Moment from Season 10!
444 days ago

FAVORITE. Any competition with Allison Janney ...arm wrestling, obstacle course, table tennis. Any

Tell Us About an Act of Kindness
444 days ago

Giving Free baby clothes to needy families and buying target gift cards to them. I use my own money right now, because my non-profit website can't seem to get enough hits and donations. I keep on facebooking and tweeting too get visibility
I post everywhere for donations and get moms that need clothes for their kids; so I just give them some.
Thanks for any marketing help you can spare
BRAT Better Recycled Attire for Tots Doriel Wyler

Win All of the Prizes from Day 3 of 12 Days!
596 days ago

HELP!!! I can't sign in to any part of site to win prizes
This is my third note to you