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Doreen Lowes
Name Doreen Lowes
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About Me I'm retired after working for 34 years and am loving it! I was widowed 4 years ago after being happily married for 35 and a half years. It was the worst thing that ever happened to me but after grief counselling I realized that life goes on and I needed to make the most. I think that if people would adhere to Ellen's "be kind to each other" the world would be a much better place.
Doreen Lowes
Win a Trip to Australia!
554 days ago

I couldn't find another place to email a comment regarding Ellen's Australia trip so I hope this media is okay.

Please let me know when Ellen will be in Sydney and if she is having a show there. I think Ellen is a real inspiration to everyone and would I would love to attend one of her shows. We live just outside Toronto, Canada and were hoping to attend an Ellen taping when we were in LA last year bur unfortunately she was not taping when we were there. We have a trip planned to be in Sydney in March so I was very excited when I heard that Ellen would be in there in March as well. We hope that it is at the same time we are there and that we can see her!

Doreen Lowes