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Doreen Chaplin
Name Doreen Chaplin
Location Angola, New York
Age 53
Joined 604 days ago
Hobbies I really dont have any particular hobbies except to spend as much time with my family
About Me I'm divorsed and remarried,I have 3daughters one still under aged with shared custody with my X 2grandchildred with a 3rd on the way. My husband of 1 and ahalf yrs has 6 children with 2 still being under age. I've also had my Dad with me for the last yr, he's 77 and has dementia and its getting harder and harder each day. Needless to say my marriage is just about over, every other day I say I'm taking my dad and moving out, the only thing is i dont have anywhere to go. Its not so much for myself but my dad has to listen to all the arguing and is getting more confused by the day. We lost my Mom back in 08 do to cancer and my Dad has been going down ever since. you would think because I work with the mentally disabled that I can do this blind-folded but its probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do...Ellen,ok, sorry for rambling on but thank you for letting me vent...I want you to know that I watch your show every chance I get, I am one of your biggest fans and you are one of the few things in my life right now that make me you lots, Doreen :))