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Donnie Heiman
Name Donnie Heiman
Location Liberty, Mo
Age 61
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Hobbies Watch TV, Reading
About Me I am 60 years old, live in a Nursing Home, In a wheelchair, I'm white, Blind in one eye
Donnie Heiman
Garth and Ellen Sing Along
237 days ago

I watch you show Ellen and enjoy your show very much. I see you giving money to several people. I esp like that at Hollowring? you know Oct 31. You gave candy to several children. I thinking I would like some candy, but I can't I'm Diabatic. And I like when the women bobs for apple- were going to give the WINNER and invite the Winner back for prize day, than you also invite the LOSER back to. Now you have Grath Brooks on your show. I like Grath Brooks. I make life living in a Nursing Home batter. Thank You and may God protect you, LOVE DONNIE