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Donna Schmalz
Name Donna Schmalz
Location Grafton, Wisconsin
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Hobbies Watching your show. And entering Sweepstakes. Wishing I was a guest on your show,
About Me I have not worked since I lost my job 10/2011 after a down size. I have 5 children, four married with beautiful family. My one daughter just was finally able a carry to almost full term and we are now blessed with her baby girls born on Halloween. I have tried to get tickets three time I have been to visit my daughter whom lives in San Juan Capistrano, CA. It was her wedding and I told them all I want for my birthday is to be on the Ellen show, figured it out you don't record during August. Not sure when you end for the year I would love to get tickets for your 12 days of Christmas this year so I will keep watching to see when it looks like the end of your recording season. You make my long day not boring. Laughter is good for the soul, and it makes us feel better, Keep up the great work and maybe someday we will get to meet. Keep on doing what you do best, be yourself. Love you and the Ellen show, your staff is great. Smiles from cold Wisconsin
Donna Schmalz
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589 days ago

Hi Ellen, today has been named Arron Rodger's Day in Greenbay, WI. Get it 12-12-12, so hoping my lucky charm has rubbed off on me would love to win the 12 Days 12 ways, on 12-12-12.
Crossing everything on my body that has 2 of. Love the way you give each and every person a chance to win. You make my Days Brighter