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Donna Pierrette Moses
Name Donna Pierrette Moses
Location Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick Canada
Age 48
Joined 253 days ago
Hobbies cooking, listening to music, reading and petting my pussies
About Me I am a 48 year old disabled woman who is married to a wonderful man and have an 18 year old son in university ! Ellen you helped me do my rehab after my brain aneurysm ! They called me a miracle because I survived !! Love your Freakin' show !!
Donna Pierrette Moses
Message from Ellen
123 days ago

Hi Ellen my name is Donna P. Moses and I am a disabled Mom of a university student and wife of the smartest man in the world ! lol I have been in this relationship with you from the start you were a big help to me in my recovery from a near fatal Brain Aneurysm !! My favourite moment from your 11 years was that first call to "Gladys" !! Are you ever going to speak to her again ? LUV LUV LUV YOUR SHOW !!! :)

Donna Pierrette Moses
Message from Ellen
164 days ago

Hi Ellen I have been watching your show from the beginning and feel that I have kept up my end of this relationship !! I have a question when are going to call "Gladys from Austin Texas" again those segments are my favourite especially the first time you called her !! It still cracks me up !! I am what my neurosurgeon called his "Miracle Patient of 1999" I suffered a brain aneurysm and for 4 days they did not expect me to recover but my Saint of a Doctor Simon Walling did a Craniotomy and saved my life ! I was in a coma for 5 weeks and in a wheelchair for 3 months but today I walk and talk and take care of my family of : 1 Husband, 1 18 year old son in University and 3 male cats !!

Donna Pierrette Moses
Classic Joke Wednesday -- Live!
253 days ago

Here is another classic joke for your Wednesday segment : HOW DO YOU INTRODUCE A HAMBURGER? MEAT PATTY !!!! L O L HA HA HA :)