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Donna Mosier
Name Donna Mosier
Location Sorento, Illinois
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Hobbies sewing quilts, Playing poker on FB
About Me I'm 68 live in small town in Ill. Married to the same man for 46 yrs have 6 kids with your mine and ours. 16 grandchildren, 12 greatgrdchd.Have to yorkie puppies,my best friends. Husband lost his business 3yrs ago. Times has really been very hard since then.We r just making interest payments on or home. And r now on food stamps. I never thought it would happen to us. Are barly paying our bills we have had to put alot of money in our car the last few months. Still need tires. At this point I really do not know what is going to happen to us. But I have had a hard time dealing with what happen in Conn. I guess I feel really blessed ours is safe but heart is breaking for those families.And the famiels from Sandy. It is so horridle for all, the many people involed in that destution happen.I know my problems r not like thiers, But I really thought these yrs. would b spent alot diff. than worring every month were the money is going to come from. If you could please concider us for a give away it would brighten some kids with some nice gifts, cause they have singlr working mothers. Thank you for what you do you are a blessing to so many people. Merry Christmas, And a Happy New Year. And God bless you sweet woman.
Donna Mosier
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563 days ago

Congradulations on your win: You are the best show on TV and one I will not miss. Me and my husband will be married 46 yrs. on 4-1 2013. That is April fools day. It would be a big joke making people believr we or going with you on a trip of a lifetime, I am your biggest fan ever, I gaurtee you that, and that is no joke.We could have alot of fun together,and I relly need this to take my mind off all the crazy rings going on in my life. Love you girlfriend,for you just beig you, and all the things, you do for everybody. hoping to see you soon. Your lovin friend Donna Mosier

Donna Mosier
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590 days ago

I alreeady told u how bad it is at our house. But I have two single moms who work everyday. But cant have much for Christmas, because of the ecomony. I would love to b able to help them also.I was so hoping for a blessing from the Ellen show. You do such awesome things for alot of people and I thank u so muck for that. But would u please pick me for a give away. I love you as a daughter,I really do. So could u please help ur sisters out. LOL. I have to have a positive attutide r i woukd go crazy worring. So please choose me .Love a everyday watcher of ur show.