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Name Donna-Marie
Age 59
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Hobbies Music, reading, tv and movies, volunteering at an animal shelter.
About Me Former Olympic athlete in swimming, 40 years ago LOL! Animal lover, concert goer, music lover, love spending time with family and friends. Have two wonderful cats, Chloe and Morgan. Morgan holds the world record for chewing up the most computer and phone related cords~! I have lost count of how many components I have replaced in the last 6 years. No working printer at the moment! :) But I love them anyway!
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594 days ago

Hello Ellen,

I was also wondering, like Joanne, why no winners from Canada have shown up so far in the contest. Statistically you would think at least a couple of people would have won something by now. I was just wondering if there is some kind of glitch in your system. On the FB entry it says State or Providence, not Province.

I will keep entering, hopefully we will see a few of us in Canada win something. You have so many fans up here. We love you!

Merry Christmas,