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Donna M Saucier
Name Donna M Saucier
Location Rochester, New York
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Hobbies photography, birds, animals, wildlife, landscapes, people, my grandchildren which are not human. Bruce lee ~ Mastiff 2/parrot~Brett,cats, DJ, King, Baby, Buttercup, Bun~Bun. Hiking, travel (like 25 yrs ago) swimming, gym workouts, nature, gardening, music, watching ellen for Love, Live, Dance and concerts.
About Me Not a lot to tell, raised in typical dysfunctional family 3 boys and 3 girls. One brother is gone to AIDS, another to suicide, myself suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, etc which I've worked on recovery since diagnosed at age 30. Started more like 3 years old. I was married and have 2 grown daughters i raised myself, no child support, jobs here and there. Now currently on SSD/SSI. My parents were wealthy somewhat so I had money which was considered love, but not a penny of real parental love, involved in drugs by age 12, smoking cigerettes since age 11. No guidance, discipline, help with life skills, so I got married and moved far from home. My girls have always kept me strong, as their Dad was addicted to marijuana, crack, cocaine, just about anything he could get. He is still addicted at age 58 and looks like he is not going to live much longer. Never did anything for his daughters. 76, I have lived a poverty level life style, trouble with the law, financial issues, lost my home that my dad paid 1/2 for due to bankruptcy after divorce. On and off of DSS and so much more but I am alive, happy, dancing with ellen, laughing at/with ellen. I had written 10 things I wanted to accomplish before dying and that was meeting ellen. I wrote that about 10 years ago, when she suggested it on her show. I do not think it will happen. Anyways, love animals, my daughters, and trying to maintain sanity in this world. Love, Donna
Donna M Saucier
Keith Urban Opens Up
526 days ago

I just love you and Keith Urbaan! I tried to write my story why but I ran out of room. For now I knew Keith Urban when he played at Dansville, NY balloon festival. 2002-2003. I have been to many of his concerts and managed to get some great shots. Check

As for my dear sweet ellen, it was about the same time I started watching your show and I just can not stop, living, laughing, loving. You said to make a list of 10 things you want to do before you die. My #1 was to meet you, or be in your show, anything. It has not happened in 10 years and I have about 10 years left, so please hurry and invite this poor unemployed single mom, no car, no job, collecting SSI/SSD already. Single mom of two girls which I raised with no help from their dad.

You are special and I love to laugh, because I am sad to much. I am not sure if I know about linking and blogging. But here is my official email: