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Donna Holbrook
Name Donna Holbrook
Location Lakeview, Ohio
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Hobbies Sewing,crafts,hunting,camping
About Me I love to do different things with my grandchildren.I love to keep busy.I'm a Home Health Aid, and like helping others
Donna Holbrook
Message from Ellen
178 days ago

Dear Ellen, Hi ,how are you? I would really like to meet you. I take care of a little girl who is 7 years old. She has spinabifida. I also take care of other people as well. A 95 year YOUNG man,86 year YOUNG lady. I clean apartments for some mentality challenge people as well. I am always helping someone at all times. You do the same, but in a different way. I make very little money. But it seems like I have to spend my money on my clients, because I'm always baking them cakes ,pies and cookies. They don't have anyone to do that for them. So I do it for them. I have to transport them back and forwards to the Doctor's & therapy. My blazer is a piece of crap. The back hatch is broke, I have to put a 2x4 in the back to hold the door up so I CAN LOAD THE WHEELCHAIR'S AND WALKERS. I have hit that 2X4 a few times and the door comes down on my head. I can't always catch it ,so it sends me for a loop. The seat belts are bad ,because they don't stop you from going forward.(Big time safety problem)I only make $8.00 per hour so I can't afford a new car for transporting my clients safely. Can you PLEASE HELP? I never ask for help from anyone. But I really need help . I have never been lucky to win anything either. I would very much like to be able to meet you, and be on your show. ELLEN WISH ME LUCK BECAUSE WHEN I DO I NEVER GET LUCKY. Thank You so much for reading my plea.

Donna Holbrook
Win All the Prizes from Day 8 of 12 Days!
591 days ago

Dear Ellen,I would love to be a winner. We we'er a victim of a phone scam, and fall for it. We lost all are xmas money .We have 14 grandchildren and now unable to get them xmas now.It's not easy telling them mamaw & papaw can not do xmas this year.So if we won how awesome would that be?