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Donna Friedrich
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The thing that I want most is to give my kids the simple things in life. I am a single mom of 4 working part time & in school part time. I have an ex husband that pays childsupport but not alot for 4 kids & not all the time! I want to be able to tell my kids "hey lets get ice cream" or "yes we can rent a movie from redbox tonight" I know these are trivial things, but they mean so much to me. I am tired of walking around with a negative balance in my back account and having to borrow toilet paper from a neighbor. I am trying to do something to better my life for my kids and their future, but schooling isn't going to happen overnight. I want to pay off my credit card bills that are all in collections right now with the phone ringing non stop. We have taken to answering the phone like we are a chinese food delivery place when they call now. I want to be able to buy my dogs food that they like not the store brand or whatever is the cheapest that sits in their bowl for two or three days before they decide to eat because there is nothing else. I want to be able to buy them a treat once in awhile too because they are just as important to me as my kids. I want to start saving some money for a new couch set so my older kids aren't embarassed to have friends over because the couch has rips in it. I know there are so many people out there who are worse off then I am after all the tradegies lately. I don't need a new car although a new one would be nice. I don't need a million dollars, although it would be nice. I just want to give my kids the simple things in life, I want them to be happy, I don't want to stress anymore & go to bed crying & wake up crying. I want to be able to tell them "yes we can get ice cream tonight & rent a movie from redbox!"