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Donna Fitzpatrick
The Cast of 'Grown Ups 2'!
467 days ago

I was SO ready for this show! Haven't smiled alot this week. Settled in, enjoying initial banter. Then show was interrupted with President Obama and his frustration about the senate not passing the latest attempt at gun control. Lost Monday's show to the Boston Marathon sadness. I can see some online, but my feelings right now are so very confused. We need you and your spirit more than ever!

Donna Fitzpatrick
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Jamie Foxx!
585 days ago

You've done it again, Ellen. I'm in tears. My son came home four times during his service, and only his girlfriend would know. He loved to just knock on the door! The best was Christmas eve two years ago now. I made myself go to a party, would be the first Christmas without him. I am boohooing to everyone about how much I missed him and worried about him. Several of the people I was talking to knew he was in town. And in the door he struts! Will remember that until I have forgotten everything. Happy Holidays!