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Donna Dmum  me  I myself kids are n bed
Name Donna Dmum me I myself kids are n bed
Location shellsburg, ia
Age 36
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Hobbies library, sports, my kids, the schools, technology, reading, girl scouts, mesquaki casino, holidays, doing hair, watching ellen, music, writing, drawing, clothes,
About Me whoops, i am into a lot of the above :0)
Donna Dmum  me  I myself kids are n bed
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593 days ago

where in the haydees do the buttons go--other than the bottom of my purse where they are becoming loose, and shall poke me anytime. I can't seem to give them up or stop scrreamin and cryin during 12 days and so like when I go to sit and find out what to do with the lot of them one of the kids screams or cries. Whether or not they are making fun of me still to be determined. Any help did I win, for not getting too poked with the lot of them in the bottom of my purse. The lady in line liked me so much one time she said you can have was so cool. Happy Yule