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Donna Crites
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Hi Ellen, You asked if anyone was having a hard time buying Christmas presents this year and that would be me. I have 4 great neices a grand son (6) and a grand daughter (2) who will not be receiving anything from me this year. I have had a couple of bad years with this one being the iceing on the cake. No sob story ar pity party just the facts. Jan 2011 I was diagnoised with diabetis no biggy diet eat better and deal with it. I got my heart checked because of the diabetis and the next day I was getting a triple heart bypass. 6 weeks later I had chest pain and they found cancer in the left lower lobe of my lung which was easily removed. On with life. A few months later my left leg stopped working, I had a clogged artery in my left groin that had to be cleaned out and then I was fine. That takes us to October of 2011. I deceided I need a change in scenery so I was going to move to New Mexico from Missouri as I was looking for warmer weather. I went to El Paso to spend some time with my son who was stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso. We deceided I would stay until the first of the year as we hadn't spent much time together in the last 7 years and I had a year old grand daughter I needed to get to know. While in El Paso I needed to get my arterial surgery site checked out and they deceided they needed to do a cat scan and they found pancreatic cancer. This is now December 2011. It was a long year. All of 2012 has been spent doing chemo, radation, and a very long and big surgery that I am still recovering from 3 monhts later. I had to make about 8 trips to Houston, TX from El Paso about 800 miles each way with my car blowing up on the last trip home. I have spent every penny including down payment for condo in New Mexico but I am trying to beat this cancer with everything I've got. Recently my son who has ptsd & tbi got out of the Army and he, his wife and 2 year old daughter and a new baby due in January to Pennsylvania and a friend of mine of more than 30 years has moved me down to Port Aransas, TX so I could be warm and she could help me while I go thru chemo again. I don't want to diappoint the kids and make them wonder just how sick I am that I couldn't even get a little present to them. Whatever you can do for me I would greatly appreciate. In the last two years I have met alot of Angels and have truly been blessed with my health problems being found and fixed. Can I put you down as another Angel. Live life to its fullest and Love what you have as it can all disappear in a moment.