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Donna Chavez
Name Donna Chavez
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Hobbies Love playing pool, spending time with family doing fun things each time we spend together
About Me Spending time with family, especially my grandchildren, I've learned to appreciate life, and thank God for each, and every day. My mother is 87 years old, I take care of her now that she is in poor health, because I don't know how much longer she is going to be with us, but I do know that she was there for us growing up she was a wonderful and supporting mom, never judged us in our failures, so with her incouragements that that she showed me, I have passed those same qualities on to my children,I have a son who is gay, and when he was so terrified to tell me, I helped him to not be afraid to express, and to be proud of what he is as a person, so when people in my family were some what uncomfortable with it , I showed them that God makes each, and every one of us exceptable, and welcomed in Gods eyes. Sorry for making this alittle long, but you are so special to me as a entertainer that I feel like I know personally.
Donna Chavez
Supermodel Candice Swanepoel
232 days ago

I watch your show faithfully everyday, with the stress of every day struggles it's nice to sit down, and have a laugh or two, your so inspiring with your laughter, and givingness. I just want to say thank you for being apart of my crazy life "Once again your a inspiration to all!!:)