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About Me I am from Texas have a husband for 40 years, have 3 sons, 4 grandkids, and would one day to be reunited with my pen pal of 50 yrs . My Penpal lives in New Zealand and we have been writing letters for years and now we email when we can. Now that I am 60yrs old I find that there are alot of things I have on my bucket list to do and One is to get to see a ELLEN TAPING!!!!!
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I have a girlfriend that had to battle cancer and has been given hope that they got.About 15 years ago she was told that her husband was killed in a auto accident while she was at work. The news that David was gone and she was left with 3 young boys to raise. She has done a wonderful job and now that they are grown she is alone and whenever she needs someone to go with to just get out of the house to shop or just go out to eat I am there for her. Now her parents are have health problems and she finds herself helping them and she never has time to enjoy herself. I have told her that we need to take a vacation somewhere she can just relax . I would like to bring her to this vacation give-a-way so she will have this for her.

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I Like the new "tree trunk" coffee table it adds a "woodsy" look to the set. Just would like to know what type of tree was it and where did you find it. Is that a California sequoia ?
When I watch Ellen on set sitting in front of the big backdrop of a street lined with hugh palm trees and the HOLLYWOOD sign at the end , it looks like Ellen is sitting in the street with her back to the traffic. Just hope she has good security officers watching her back.

Gladys of Bastrop had pointed out that a plant that was sitting behind Ellen on the set needed to be moved , because it gave her an unappealing look and I agreed with Gladys!

Do you have any new backdrops for set you could use instead !
Donna Poehlmann Love to hear back