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About Me Mother of 2 wonderful girls and a Mimi(grandmother)to 6 amazing grandsons.
Jane Lynch, Kenny Chesney
463 days ago

Ellen I am so excited to see Kenny Chesney on your show for Monday. I get to enjoy your show and Kenny at the same time. What a way to end a Monday! Sure wish I could be there.

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549 days ago

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLEN! Hope you have a wonderful day. So glad I got to watch the show today.

Courteney Cox, Kevin Hart
566 days ago

Congrats to the Pierce Family and everyone that won. Thank you Ellen for sharing the 12 days of Giveaways with us. I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to 2013.

Message from Ellen
567 days ago

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that this year is wonderful for everyone. I hope life is good to you this year and I know that watching more Ellen will put a smile on your face as it does mine.
I love having my girls over and watching Ellen because it's so much
fun laughing with them. Looking forward to a new year with ya Ellen.

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586 days ago

Enjoyed the show as always and was so excited about day 13. One last chance for someone to win BIG. Would love to win but whoever wins congrats and Merry Christmas. Who else but you Ellen would come up with a great idea to add another day for everyone. Great job.

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588 days ago

Day 11 and Ellen you are still going strong. The most amazing gifts once again. I am so looking forward to day 12 and guess what,I will be home in time to see the show at the regular time instead of having to wait till I get off work and then watching it. I can't wait to see what day 12 will be like for everyone. Just the thrill of watching you and everyone has been so much fun. Playing has really been a lot of fun and exciting. So thank you. Oh Ellen, I am going to miss you and Holly Berry dancing everyday after tomorrow too.

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592 days ago

HELLO ELLEN AND HELLO DAY 9 OF 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS! Just want you to know that I could use a little jingle in my bells this year! The show was great today as always. Thanks for the laugh today.

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593 days ago

Please#pickmeellen and have a Happy Holiday!

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594 days ago

Today was the best of the best of all 12 Days of Christmas. You have out done yourself once again. So now tell me Ellen what you want Santa to bring you this year.
Love your show and enjoy laughing with you everyday.

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598 days ago

Enjoyed this week of Ellen's 12 days of Giveaways. Can't wait to see what you have for next week. Thanks for keeping me laughing after a very long day at work.