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About Me I am the mother of two sons.. 28 and 19.. Michael and Patrick.. I am not married anymore and i live in las vegas with my son Patrick and a friend/companion/.. I have a gorgeous grandson named michael anthony and he lights up the darkest of rooms.he is unfortunatly under the care of a father and a mother who are addicted to opiates.. we have tried everything.. nothing is working .. they need help.. my grandson asked us to get them help .. when we tried they took the baby from us.. long story.. my health is not all that good and we worry so much for my grandson and my son.. my son and the mother of my grandson need help.. i have 22 years of clean and sober time... and i am powerless over this situation... i am very hurt as they took my little man and he is really not safe until they go for help.. noone seems to be able to convince them.. and noone has any say in what they do.. authorities have not helped.. i think you can ellen.. please.. i would have to explain the story more if you could give me the chance .. you will not even imagine what is going on with this situation.. you CAN help.. i just know it.. please i am begging you .. for my grandson.. help us .. help them... ty ... donna lyn
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I would die to have my son (father of my grandson) and the mother of my grandson get help for their opiate addiction... my son michael as the most beautiful person you could ever want to know until he started using and abusing prescription drugs.. he is no longer the same person.. my heart is broken . he is in denial. he has a beautiful son michael 6 yrs old who does not live in a stable home... the mother of my grandson is also addicted to opiates and i feel that they both need help very badly.. they are young and their son needs them to be there for him.. we watch him a lot .. and try to show him a nice life.. where he can feel safe.. got to the point where he started to tell us what he was seeing.. drug wise... we finally called authorities and all .. explained the situation and they have done nothing!!!!!! we love our grandson and my son so very very much.. they are now staying away from us and keeping our grandson away because they are afraid he will talk too much.. .we are heartbroken right now.. i am not well physically... and this has taken it's toll on me mentally and i am out of avenues for help.. we don't have much money and we have written to dr drew and dr phil also.. to no avail.. i know there are so many addicted people out there.. however, this involves my grandsons life and happiness.. we know you will help in some way.. i can not stand here and wait for something to happen and it be too late.. help me help them... thank you...