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Dolores Brown
Name Dolores Brown
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About Me Nothing great. I have 8 children and 12 grandchildren. All 8 went to college and 7 completed their degrees. Three of my grandchildren are in college now. We celebrated out 50th anniversary in February but not having the "celebration" until July (that is so all the kids and grandkids can ge here). We started out in Chicago and have lived in Miami, Winston-Salem, Phoenix, Las Vegas and have now retired back in NC.
Dolores Brown
Caption This! Where's the Kitty?
415 days ago

"Help" I'm sinking!

Dolores Brown
Alison Sweeney, Michael Bublé, Moment 4
450 days ago

I have watched "Days of Our Lives" since it began.
I remember nursing several of my children while watching the show. One of my daughters thought she could play Jennifer when she got older (she's 49 now). The rest of my children (I have 8) complained because I wouldn't pick them up from the bus stop until my show was over. I love Sami and all the things she gets herself into.