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Dolores Allen
Name Dolores Allen
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Hobbies traveling, reading, crossword puzzles
About Me I am a retired high school principal and a licensed minister. I have one son and am married. I am a trained volunteer for the local hospice.
Dolores Allen
Win Day 12 of Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways!
572 days ago

Hi Ellen! Wonderful show, Wonderful host with a wonderful and generous heart. Would love to win the prizes you are giving away. I have a former student who is in need of a big blessing for his family. He has heart problems and recently lost his eyesight due to his diabetes. Miraculously, part of his sight came back last week in time to share the holidays with his family. It would do my heart good to be able to share with them. With what I had I was able to help with their Thanksgiving dinner and was able to buy his 4 year old son a Christmas gift. Again, thanks for helping so many people in such a time as this.

Dolores Allen
Message from Ellen
575 days ago

I am somewhat confused. I have entered comments and entered the contest with an uploaded picture on several occasions, but I have yet to see any of my comments. Is there some reason for this?

Dolores Allen
Justin Bieber, Hugh Jackman, and Day 10 of 12 Days!
582 days ago

Ellen, your show is inspiration to many. Thank you for blessing your audience in the manner that you do. I have tried to watch your show daily but end up missing it a lot of days due to doctor appointments or therapy sessions. I try to do something good for others as often as possible even though I can never reach your scale of hospitality and thoughtfulness. My city, Phenix City, Alabama is not on the global watch for much of the country so I feel that we are slighted when it comes to contests, invitations, etc. It would warm my heart to see someone selected from my area for something. I don't have a young child but I'm sure there are Justin Bieber lovers around here. I think he is a very talented young man and agree that Hugh Jackman is a great actor. I hope that Halle Berry get it together soon. I thought she and David Justice made a good looking couple.