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Dolore Cowder
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About Me I am one of fourteen children my parents have been gone for over 25 years we lost our younger brother in 94 and our younger sister is a breast cancer surviver i wrote a song You are my own i sent it to have music put to it but nothing has happen with it I was hoping it would so we could donate money to the cancer foundation and for all the gay people in the world. I have gays in my family and love them with all my heart I don't care what other people think of them
Dolore Cowder
Message From Ellen
656 days ago

i would like to Nominate my daughter her husband puts her out all the time she has three children one is fourteen. one is nine, and the little girl is seven her son stays with a friend the other two stay with the dad she needs a place very bad so she can have her children with her she cries all the time and there are a few times she slept in her car and now it's getting cold out and he just lets her walk out the door with her pillow and blanket and says nothing she needs a lot but we can't help her dad works for disney and i can't find work so if it is true than i nominate my baby girl

Dolore Cowder
Exclusive! Naughty Audience Dancer
678 days ago

I really love your show and most of all the little girl's and their tea party they are great and i just realized the meaning of your last nameit's because you are a very GENEROUS person