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Dolly Taam
Name Dolly Taam
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About Me I am in my 70s, retired. Have 5 grandchildren and trying to get tickets for the Ellen show
Dolly Taam
Message from Ellen
547 days ago

Hi Ellen,
Love your show. The other day I wished you a Happy Birthday for the 24th (your birthday show), and found out yesterday that your actual birthday was this Saturday, Jan. 26th - so again, happy 50th on Saturday. Enjoy your day.......

Dolly Taam
You Write, Ellen Responds!
565 days ago

Hi Ellen - Happy New Year to you and Portia. I had to write in regards to today's show with "Carla". I laughed so much that tears were rolling down my cheeks. Love your show and hope to one day make it to your show. Happy 50th on the 24th.

Dolly Taam
Card Trick from Home!
565 days ago

It didn't work for me as I had the Jack of clubs, and I did not spell "club" with an s at the end, maybe that is why it didn't work for me.