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DJ Bazemore
Name DJ Bazemore
Location Warner Robins, Georgia
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Hobbies Garage Sales, Flea Markets, etc. / Remodeling, Repairing my 70 year old house! SOMETIMES it's FUN!
About Me I work in the construction industry. I have rescued many animals, including stealing them from people who weren't taking care of their "pet". I leave them a note, take the animal to the vet and find a home. Sometimes it's mine. Currently I have a rescue Border Collie, 3 cats of my own. I also have a stray cat, might as well adopt him too when I have the money to get him to the vet. Wish I had a way to record Ellen shows since I'm never home to watch, but I get online and view all the clips I can find because I love ELLEN! Been watching her, laughing at/with her ever since she had her sitcom! I once told my daughters that if they could EVER find a way to get me to an ELLEN show and it have Sinbad as a guest, I could be happy happy happy the rest of my life. I named one of my rescue dogs Ellen, and one of my cats Sinbad. (Ellen is still with my family, Sinbad has since passed away.) THEN, I find out a couple years later Ellen had Sinbad on as a guest and I MISSED it!!! Uuggh! :-)
DJ Bazemore
Kelly Clarkson Discusses Her Wedding and Her Pregnancy!
236 days ago

I like Kelly Clarkson's music, but now I love Kelly Clarkson the person!! She's so honest, real, and FUNNY! I laughed so hard watching her talking about her wedding and pregnancy!! I could have watched another hour of the two of you!