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Diunesky Monzon
Name Diunesky Monzon
Age 41
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Hobbies enjoy the company of good friends all with our families, cooking, watching sports, and being with my 6 year old baby girl Diara.
About Me i am libra, i belive in energy, i like to apply Fen-Chui in all aspects of life. i like sport (soccer, bascketball, baseball, volleyball, ect) I like cooking.
Diunesky Monzon
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552 days ago

hi Dear Ellen,
i am a cuban guy who just came into Canada 26 days ago and as part my program after my dream of getting out cuba became true i had to write something for you. difficult to beleive but you have a cuban fan, even while in cuba i watched your program i have to tell you that i enjoyed so much watching it. how i could watch it? that's story to tell like many things that can be told about cuba but i don't want to spoild this moment. i just to let you know that it is a great show, first because of you, a grat host, the personalities and simple people you invite and the help you gave to the needed ones.
ah! happy birthday.
thanks for the program, i hope one day i will be enjoying it from the audience.