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Dino Di Giulio
Name Dino Di Giulio
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About Me I am an Accountant and looking forward to coming over to LA with my family to spend time with our daughter and to celebrate my 50th birthday.
Dino Di Giulio
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452 days ago

Hi Ellen we live in Sydney, Australia and absolutely love your show and watch everyday, particularly my wife who is totally adores you. We have been trying to get tickets to any of your shows between 11th to 15th June as we will be in LA visiting our daughter who currently lives there. The June calenders do not seem to come up. Is there a problem and can you help us out as we would love to attend your show from the land downunder. We would appreciate 4 tickets if at all possible. We will do our best to continue trying but if you receive this email could you please let us know. PS. as you know Aussieland is pretty far away haha, so we would love the opportunity. Best Regards, Dino Di Giulio :-)xxo