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Dina Metrano
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About Me I'm a 42 year young fitness instructor, mom to 4 healthy/active boys, and LOVER of life~and ALL it has to offer! I have been battling depression for years and I'm determined to beat it and HELP OTHERS as well! Exercise is a huge part of me and my life...YOU are amazing at what you do, THANK YOU!
Dina Metrano
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519 days ago

G'day Mate! I was just in Melbourne, Australia! My sister lives there and just had a baby, Little Miss Isabel, my friend and I spent 2 weeks there, and then the 4 of us flew out to Sydney for some site-seeing and made memories to last a lifetime! We are so bummed that we missed YOU being there, (had we known 9 months ago when we planned the trip we would have made proper arrangements!!!) LOL...Miss Isabel is a HUGE FAN as she is fed during your show, burped and then put into her swing in front of the tv!!! See, you really do reach EVERY AGE GROUP OUT THERE! 3 month olds like you too!