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Dianne Walka
Name Dianne Walka
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Hobbies Tv, Internet, books, movies, photography, and writing
About Me I am the mother of a blended family of five (use to be six). We have five grandchildren ranging in age 6mos. - 16 years. My sense of humor has carried me through many tough times.
Dianne Walka
The Incredible Adam Levine
93 days ago

You make me laugh you make me cry like no one else ever has. How cool was it for those two girls to meet Adam AND Usher...

Dianne Walka
You Write, Ellen Responds!
605 days ago

You are an amazing person...I always cry when you suprise a family in need. In watching people being interviewed for what they would do if they won the powerball I noticed hardly anyone said help others in need...What a world we live in. Thank God for you and your giving nature.