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Dianne Scharfenberger
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About Me I live in Loveland Ohio. We have 5 Children (His, mine & ours. Threee are in College and then a 14 and 12 yr. old. College tutition is killing us! One in Louisville, Ky, one at S. Carolina and oen at Cinti. State. The economy is taking it toll on our finances. I work and my husband works...but there is always an unexpected bill. We will sell the house when the market gets better and try to downsize. I tape your show faithfully and have seen you help many deserving families any help would be greatly appreciated.
Dianne Scharfenberger
Are You Ellen's Biggest Fan in Australia?
548 days ago

Ellen -
I am asking that you send my sister-in-law Debbie Ferguson. She NEEDS a break, her last year and a half has been hell! 1st her dad dies then her step dad dies, found out her mother has colon cancer, THEN my brother, her husband dies from ALS in March 2012 if that was not enough....finds out Their youngest daughter is addidicted to pain meds and gets her through rehab. Now the older daughter is in ICU w/blood clot to the lung.

She is such a "Care Giver" her entire marriage to my brother she has been the definition of loving spouse/soul mate. He suffered from "RP" Retna-Pigmentousa...dibiltating eye condition. He has been considered legally blind since late 30ish. She literally had to drive him, lead him everywhere they went. She never uttered one word of complaint then at the end of 2010 he was diagnosed with ALS and was gone in March of 2012 abouth 15 months after the diagnosis.