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Dianne Rivera
Name Dianne Rivera
Location cortlandt manor,N.Y., New York
Age 57
Joined 212 days ago
Hobbies walking, cooking, sewing, watching movies ,fishing to listen to music
About Me Right now I an not working had two accident and on my third surgery one on my left knee and two on my left shoulder so that's where I'm at now but trying to be very positive and keeping the faith. They say god only gives us what we can handle. I'm a strong person with a lot of faith.
Dianne Rivera
Message from Ellen
87 days ago

Ellen you remind me of a soul sister in a white body.I LOVE......the way you move when you dance you have so....much soul and you are very sexy .when you dance, you make my day when I am sad and depressed I will never get to meet you in person but at least I will see you on TV which is better then nothing I just which that when you have one of your show with give aways you would at least think of me I have never seen anyone from N.Y .on your show win something.

Dianne Rivera
It's Day 12 of 12 Days!
212 days ago

Dear Ellen,I watch your show every day religiousally and I NEVER win..... Last year I try to save money to try and see if me and my husband could go to your show but it didn't happen that's when sandy came and then I fell and bussed my knee had surgery was going back to work then my bother died had to take the money I was saving to pay for his funeral buried him then fell on ice bussed my rotater cuff had surgery AGAIN and could not afford any to see you in person so the tv was the next best thing now I'm out of work and just had surgery for the second time 7 weeks ago give me a better chance to win .