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Dianne Belmonte
Name Dianne Belmonte
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About Me Me,well I take care of my 82 year old mother so my family & I didn't have to put her in a nursing home,& in the last 3 years have lost my father to Cancer & almost my sister,whom made it out alive with a bone marrow transplant due to cancer of the blood,& now take care of my fiancĂ© whom lost his job 8 months ago,& saved a dog from my neighbor whom left him in a cage all day& night for the first 3 months of his life, so I just took him(jake). I fought for Jake due to my mom being so elderly & afraid he would trip her,& now Ellen well she loves him,we as a family needed this dog. I myself struggle daily with a bone on bone knee & a disease called Guillian Berre. Taking care of the family is not easy,but it's done,depression is a big factor now due to my fiancĂ© not finding a job & will not take any help from the state. I'm which you call THE GLUE that keeps the family your biggest fan Ellen. I absolutely need your hour everyday.
Dianne Belmonte
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458 days ago

Today's show was very very funny. Spot on again. Ellen -:)

Dianne Belmonte
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590 days ago

Ellen,I know you are a busy lady,but I feel I got robbed,taken advantage of & cheated. I took a week off,with no computer to see you at Epcot & come to find out I was sadly dis-appointed. Your universe energy show/ride is truly outdated. I think you & Bill Nye can certainly use an updated version. I think the cell phone in your hand in the first 10 minutes of the show was 18 years old for starters, me being one of your most devoted fans waited in the rain for the show,everyone passed your show up, but no, not me,my brother & I stuck it out & well gotta tell u Ellen,it was just well,neglected for a better word. I love you in any form old & new,but for the future, I think you & Bill should update what you put your names on. I don't think Walt D. Would mind,in fact put Porsche in the show with you & Bill. All in all at least I got a 35 minute down time & place to dry off. Please Ellen fix this,I know you can Love your very eager,frustrated,& loyal fan.Dianne Belmonte.