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Dianne Ashton
Name Dianne Ashton
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Hobbies watching ellen playing games on fb
About Me I stay at home. been sick and other problems. don't want to go there. I just love ellen and wanted to tell her. thank you
Dianne Ashton
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529 days ago

Ellen I just wanted to thank you for all you do. i love that you are so caring and down to earth. I watch you everyday. when im having a bad day all i have to do is turn your show in and all the bad is gone. i could tell you that my life has problems but whos doesnt? im just blessed that i get to watch you everyday!! I love you and god bless you. I ll be watching!!! oh yes happy late birthday!! mine is the 26 of this month. i will be 50. dont think i will get out of love you!! Dianne Ashton