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266 days ago

Hi Ellen;
I don't need a car, but I could really use a wheelchair van. I had one, but the engine blew ten years ago and I didn't have enough money to get another one so I got a ford Taurus wagon, which has been okay, but last year my husband got lung cancer and he lost one lung and now he has trouble helping our daughter into the back seat and putting the manual chair into the "way back".
I haven't been able to do it for a long time because of arthritis and fibromyalgia among other things. One of them is that our daughter is now 40 years old and it is getting harder for her to "help us" help her, especially when our gold old New England winters bring on the ice.
I don't like asking for myself, but it would really help me, and my husband and daughter. I know you probably won't even get this, but I figured I would try.