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dianna martin
Name dianna martin
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Hobbies I love dancing playing with my 2 cats and 2 dogs, reading intriguing novels.
About Me I am a 46 yr old single mom to 3 wonderful children {sometimes} ages 15,19,and 23. My son is 15. I am helping raise my 7yr granddaughter.I am a veteran of the US army.I have 2 wonderful cats and 2 dogs.
dianna martin
You Write, Ellen Responds!
354 days ago

Hey Ellen I just want to say I love you and adore you and Portia,I was wondering,you always seem to have the most giving heart in the world, but do any one ever win from Louisville, Ky Home of the University Cards, Go cards, just wondering.

dianna martin
Ellen's Inbox
525 days ago

Just seen your interview with Velda she is an amazing , fun spirit person. Just as you are.You are a gift from God . It seems your heart is so pure and loving. Everyone in this day and age is experiencing some sort of heart ache in life, and then there are people like you who take the time to show them not to give up, because dreams can come true rather it from a stranger off the street or by world of mouth thru certain contest. You are truly a light, I look @ your show to get inspiration and a good laugh, thank you for sharing you. Keep doing you. I hope to see your show live one day :-) love you. Spirit.