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Dianna Iannuzzi
Name Dianna Iannuzzi
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About Me I am just a happy go lucky gal, that loves to bring good cheer to others and I am a great listener to my friends, and even strangers I meet.
Dianna Iannuzzi
Ellen Catches Up with Gladys!
159 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I was just wondering if you know how Gladys Hardy is doing? Can you give us an update on her please ? Thanks, Dianna

Dianna Iannuzzi
Win Day 13 of 12 Days!
211 days ago

Hi Ellen,

I watch your show every day!! I always DVR it! I get so sad if I happen to miss it!
You always put a smile in my face! I have been putting my name in every day in your Giveaways! Unfortunately my name never seems to show up! If I win, I will buy things for other people, because I am such a giving person! I just love to make ppl happy!
Hope I win Ellen! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Ellen to you and Portia!