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Diane Turturillo
Message from Ellen
431 days ago

I so love the cat videos you do. I recently had to move from a bigger apt to a smaller apt. And we recently had a lot of rain in Chicago. Long story short my landlord was nice to let me store all my boxes in the basement and everything ended up 4ft. Of water. Clothes things you can replace but your memories you can't. I lost my wedding pics, kids drawings and such. The reason I'm saying all this is because I sent you a pic of my son with a bunny he drew it had a smile face in a special spot (in the crotch area) for some reason it's not saved on my kindle and it was downstairs with the rest of my kids saved art :( so if you have a copy somewhere can you please send it I will forward a pic of Kyle Wheatley to maybe make it easier.

Diane Turturillo
Send Us Your Bad Easter Photos
486 days ago

I'm trying so hard to find out how to send my kids photo in but I can't figure it out