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Diane Pradel
Name Diane Pradel
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Hobbies Baking ! And working making my clients pretty
About Me I am a mother of three grown children and a grandmother of three ! I am divorced ...trying to be an adult .i love my life no matter how hard it can be .i tell my children to keep thier head up even if I know it's hard sometimes.thats about it "unless you want to know more I could write a book ! "
Diane Pradel
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222 days ago

Hi Ellen ! I work in a salon I Allentown ,pa. And everyday I put your show on. And everyday my coworker says " is your name there ? I say noooo.i sometimes when my client is in my chair I think geeze I hope she doesn't mind me stopping to look at the t.v so I don't miss anything. You are very funny and I love your show. I really wish I lived there so I can see it live ! I did get tickets for Monday ( for another show that I won't mention ) so I guess I will have to be content for now... Waited two years for those tickets .have a wonderful holiday ( I think I got my clients hooked on your show.)