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Diane Hurlebaus
Name Diane Hurlebaus
Location Quincy, MA
Age 5
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Hobbies walking, the beach, anything outdoors, baking, decorating, and crafts Thats a picture of Ellen enjoying a day at the beach this summer when she was having a good day!!!!!
About Me I am deparately trying to ask for two tickets and air fare for myself and ill sister-in-law who has edrenal cancer and stage IV lung cancer. After delibetating chemo, radiation (which burnt directly through her skin) she's now on a clinical trial of 3 pills a day (90 pills at $12,900) Its been a struggle but at least you make her laugh an hour a day Ellen. She'd love to come to a taping! Do you do "make a wish" dreams as they do in Boston or could Shutterfly help us? It is indeed on her bucket list (unfortunately)
Diane Hurlebaus
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232 days ago

Ellen, I know your one of the kindest people on earth who helps people when they desparately need it. My sister-in-law has Stage IV lung cancer, edrenal cancer, asopogas problems swallowing because of the tuma but stays upbeat despite her pain and mounting financial bills due to the outrageous medical costs. She is presently on a trial clinic and for 90 pills (3X daily, the cost for one script is $12,900) Obviously she's fallen behind on all her bills, mortgage etc. She is the nicest person and so good hearted. She'd love to come to your show, Do you do "make a wish" programs, where is somewhat of a last request type of show. We couldn't fly out due to financial reasons, but maybe Jeannie could show up at her door , I'm her loving sister-in-law Diane, and her name is Ellen Rondinelli from Milton, MA, just outside of Boston. I look forward to hearing from you or one of your amazing team members....Be Kind to One Another, Love You Tons, Diane