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Diane Hoffman
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Diane Hoffman
Shutterfly Helps a Family in Need
247 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I have written to you about Tracy McGinns before. This time, she is in dire need of something wonderful to happen to her and her two boys. Initially, I wrote to you to tell you that as a single mother of a developmentally disabled 8 year old and a 5 year old son, she desperately needed a wheel chair van. On top of that, she has endured a tragedy of moving into a rental house that unknowingly had mold and asbestos contamination. She moved into this home after spending 11 days in the hospital with her son who had pneumonia. As you can imagine, mold and asbestos poisoning to someone who has lung issues could be life threatening. The landlord is not taking responsibility for the problems that were clearly an issue before Tracy moved in with her sons. They have literally lost everything that is still in that house because the costs of remediation are far too expensive for a single mother to afford. They left the home and spent 2 weeks in a hotel, with just the clothes that she could carry. They are now in an apartment and are trying to restock some of their belongings. Many of the items that were still in the house are Brendan’s special bed, assistive devices and medical equipment. Her younger son lost all of his toys too.
Tracy runs a non-profit dedicated to raising public awareness about congenital CMV, to raise donations to support research for a vaccine for CMV, and to affect change in the medical community so that physicians will begin to test women for CMV prior to pregnancy. She supports families from all over the world who also have a child with congenital CMV.

I’m pleading with you to try to find a way to help Tracy rebuild her family’s life.

Thank you,
Diane Hoffman
Dacula, GA