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Diane Griego
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Diane Griego
Madonna and Her Dancers
408 days ago

I guess it was entertaining. But when madonna said she was able to separate reality fromthe stuff I totally laughed my ass off. Madonna nor Ellen knows what reality is. They both only know their fairy tale celebrity selfishland. Its easy to give things away when you are a one percenter then the reality person could never make in 100 lifetimes. Madonna was so shallow and unrealistic and confirmed my opinion of her. She thinks she is a Goddess and just like Ellen she uses who she THINKS she is to push her immoral and self centered lifestyle upon naive youth. It was funny but very dissapointing. And that gay dude was so very sad and depicted why this country is the state it is in. Men want to be women and women want to be men and neither can physically or literally ever fill the others shoes. There IS NO GAY GENE, but I am sure they will create a politically correct one. By the way I do love Ellen as a female comedian.

Diane Griego
Cousins on Call Renovation Revealed!
442 days ago

I love ellens show but hate the fact that everything she does is to promote homosexuality and an agenda. She has gotta get the world to love her thus they are lulled into believing homosexuality is harmless and they are all so loving and kind so she buys them and it works. She is so marketing savy or those who work for her. Natalie Maines is another example, she is shunned by any respectable country show rants about how she has a crush on ugly Rachel Madog Maddow, gets a butch haircut and starts talking fake sex marriage and here she is. And knowing Natalie has become a nobody in country music helps to insure Natalies support for Ellens agenda. I wish Ellen would sincerely focus on all of society not just homosexuals and those hollyweirdos who push it and live it.