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Diane Compton
Name Diane Compton
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Diane Compton
Win All of the Prizes from Day 11 of 12 Days!
583 days ago

Hi Well Ellen, You are at the end of your contest and I have tried every day to wi. Looks like I may be disappointed by not winning, but thats ok. I have my family. That is the most important to me. You have a great Christmas.

Diane Compton
Win All the Prizes from Day 9 of 12 Days!
587 days ago

Love it all. Website is just great. Happy Holidays.

Diane Compton
Know or Go: Thanksgiving Style!
588 days ago

How do you pick people. Eenie Meenie minnie moe catch a tiger by the toe. If he hollars let him go eenie meenie minnie moe. LOL i AM REALLY TRYING TODAY. 12/12/12 THANKS FOR ALL THE GREAT SHOWS