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Diane Childers
Name Diane Childers
Location Fraser, Michigan
Age 53
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Hobbies Reading, Fishing
About Me I am 52 years old & on Disabily for both hands, can no longer conrol a pen. cannot sign my name. had surgery on both hands but made it worse. struggling day to day. I am married to a wonderful husband steve. we have no children but 2 cats who I call my children. we struggle day to day, pay to pay with rent & bills. we live in an apartment. I would love one day to have a home but we barely are making it in our apartment. very scarey,
Diane Childers
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570 days ago

Hi Ellen, Hope you and Porcha have a Happy New Year. I'm just hoping it will be a better New Year for me and my husband. We have both been so sick since Thanksgiving. Didnt get to spend any of the Holidays with family this year. We have been struggling day to day with everything. We live pay to pay day to day in a struggle. I am on disability for my hands. (carpul tunnel syndrome) both hands. Had surgery in both hands and made them worse. I cannot even control a pencil/pen. my husband works for a car dealership but his income is just not enough between his income and my disabilty to catch up on bills & rent. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment which we are having a big struggle to pay rent monthly with all the other bills coming in. I also have a lot of doctor bills building up that I havent been able to catch up on. I get calls all day from collectors that I do not answer because I cant give them what they want. I try to give them a little at a time if I can but that just isnt good enough for them. I am asking you Ellen for your help in anyway you can. I watch what you do for people like me and it makes me cry. It is a wonderful gift for what you do. I love you Ellen. Please help me out of my stuggle & back on my feet.

Diane Childers
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581 days ago

Goodmorning Ellen, at least I think it might be morning. It is here. I make sure I get up very early in the morning to have breakfast and wait patiently for your show to come on. I have been watching your show as long as I can remember. I am on disabilty & unable to work which makes it very easy to watch your show everyday. I love watching you help people in need. I am one of those people. I struggle every day with life. Christmmas will just be another day for me. I am unable to buy any Christmas gifts this year thats why I was hoping maybe you would consider me as one of your winners. It would bring great joy to me & my family. I love you Ellen & Porsha. Merry Christmas to you & your family!

Diane Childers
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583 days ago

Ellen I snd a comment everyday hoping Ill be picked for 12 days of Christmas. I am very sincere of everything I say. I love you & your show. I watch it every day as I am on disability & unable to work. I am married to a wonderful husband Steve who is working at a car dealership. Between the both of our incomes put together we can barely make it. all goes to bills & rent. With Christmas around the corner it will just be another day for us. We have no extra income for gifts for anyone in my family. I hope you take this in consideration for your giveaways. I could really use your help. Love You Ellen Diane xo

Diane Childers
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587 days ago

Ellen you would make my christmas come true if you would pick me as one of your winners. I am unable to do any shopping this year. All my income has to go to my bills & rent or I wont have anyplace to live. been struggling all year to keep up. Please consider me. I love you Ellen, Diane

Diane Childers
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588 days ago

Hi Ellen, love your show. I watch it every day on NBC. I would love to be one of your winners for the giveaways so I could have a special christmas. I do not have the money to spend this christmas on gifts for any of my family members. I do not work. I am on disability which all my money goes to bills & rent. I need help. Cannot even keep up with my bills. Please consider me as a winner, I will love you forever & ever. Thank You Ellen Diane xoxo

Diane Childers
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590 days ago

Hello Ellen, I love watching you help so many people in need. I watch your show everyday on NBC. I am on disability. I can no longer work. I have a tremor & carpul tunnel in both hands making me unable to control a pen/pencil. I have been unable to do any Christmas shopping this year because I have been ill since Thanksgiving. It would really help me if you would consider me as one of your 12 day giveaways. It would help me out so much. I could give my family a christmas they wouldnt forget. I Love You so Much! Have a Merry Christmas to you & your family. Love Diane

Diane Childers
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591 days ago

Ellen I am on disability & am unable to buy any Christmas gifts for my family. My disability pay goes directly to paying my rent & bills for the month leaving me very little left to buy groceries. I have been sick since Thanskgiving started with a severe Flu now have a very bad cold. Things have not gone my way in a very long time. I am married to a wonderful husband Steve but his income is very small by the time they take out everything he owes. leaving nothing behind. we live day to day, pay to pay, very hard. scarey. I watch your show every day & see how many people you have helped out. I love you for that. I just wish some miracle could happen to us. I dont what I would do. but cry. Ellen I would like to wish you & your Family & Very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! Love You Diane