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Diane Aiello
Name Diane Aiello
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Hobbies I love to decorate, and gardening,reading
About Me I am a mother of four wonderful children and a grand mother of 8 grand children . I am married to a Marine he has 24 years in and has done 9 tours of war. I work in the medical field and love my job. My priority is my family, with out them I would be lost.
Diane Aiello
Watch 'Bully' Trailer and Sign the Petition
238 days ago

I pray that one day this will come to an end. The ironic part of it all it stems from the parents. My grand daughter not once but twice tried to commit suicide because of being
Bullied at school because of her sexual preference.
What is society coming to anymore? It's a sad thing and I feel if this continues more and more children,teenagers,and adults will continue to take their own lives.