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Diana Prosymchak
Name Diana Prosymchak
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Diana Prosymchak
Win Day 4 of 12 Days
232 days ago

Just sitting watching you show today, and again the smile and laughter crept back into my life. Loni Love learning pole dancing had me in a rolling laughter she is a great addition to your show and I enjoy when she is on with you. Ellen, if I read anything regarding trouble in your marriage I would instantly know it was untrue you are the best at entertaining and true inspiration to all and the love in you heart shines forth so I know it starts at home with Portia. Thank you so much.

Diana Prosymchak
Find Out How You Can Win 12 Days Prizes!
599 days ago

Thank you for starting my day with a smile and laughter I wish your show aired on the weekends to. I was sitting watching the other day dreaming of getting all the 12 days presents and just getting depressed even more and losing what Christmas spirit I had then the next day there you were smiling and laughing and giving again and this time I put my self in your shoes of giving and I enjoyed the dream so much more. Thank you for all the loving things you do! Keep it going foward this world needs to show how it can come together with smiles, laughter, dance, and caring about each other. Thank you.