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Diana lynne Childers
Name Diana lynne Childers
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Hobbies I like to go outdoors and ride a 4-wheeler and drawing for fun.
About Me They realy aint a lot to say, Im a mom of three and thats all i realy have time to do besides helping my granny she is very sick when the kids are at school I take care of her.Then my 2 oldest boys are ADHD and then my youngest all demand the rest of me til bedtime after that my husband want the rest of my time .So I guess that sumes me up!!!
Diana lynne Childers
Pattinson's Unruly Zipper
629 days ago

I really enjoy watching your show it fills my heart with such warmth to know that they are people like you in this world.Keep up all that you do and you will always be loved buy your fans.I can olny dream that one day i will get to see you in person. but if that dont ever happen,Just know we will be watching and praying for you and your family.Stay great,and always dance for those who cant... sincerly a fan,
Diana Childers