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Diana Kress
Name Diana Kress
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Hobbies Scrapbooking, reading, dancing while I clean!
About Me Hi! I am a big, big fan of Ellen and have been for a few years. I have 3 darling little girls and 1 cat. Pet Peeve: being surrounded by negativity! There's always a bright side, a good moment, a good hour a good day. Gotta find it! I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Animation and film with additional background in graphic and interior design.
Diana Kress
Sean Hayes and Jillian Michaels
543 days ago

I <3, <3, <3 SEAN HAYES! So glad to hear he will be back on my TV screen! Will & Grace was amazing, but I wanna see more of him in new roles! So great he is a successful producer! <3, U, Sean!

Diana Kress
Adam Levine on the Paparazzi!
621 days ago

Adam, you are an amazing performer and an even more amazing and humane person! I teach my girls every day to be confident and stand up for what they believe in, and they adore you! Having this reinforced by a celebrity that acts this way means more to a parent than you realize. Thanks for being such a great role model! (not to mention Mommy LOVED your character on AHS: Asylum this season!)