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Diana Crowe Felton
Name Diana Crowe Felton
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Hobbies Love Kaleidoscopes, stained glass, love to swim, sing and dance with my Granddaughters. When they wanted me to read them a story, it wasn't from a book, I made up stories with them in it. I love getting with friends from high school, been friends over 45 years but who's counting? I like to sing and dance during the day, my audience is a dog and cat.
About Me I had to retire in disability from Blue Cross/Blue Shield, it was hard. My sister works full time as a Dental Asst. when she turned 55, she went back to school, Culinary, she graduated with high honors. The reason she waited so long, she waited until her daughter was in college. Her wish is to go to Italy and learn how to cook, my wish is to go to Italy and eat. We are both single, so we live paycheck to paycheck. I had major surgery last January and Iam sill recovering but doing great. I love my family so much. Oh by the way my Moms name was Betty. My friends would describe me as funny, so many stories!
Diana Crowe Felton
A New Car for a Single Mom
260 days ago

My daughter, Christina Boucher, my sis Theresa Belden are both single Moms, hard workers. My sis went back to Culinary School at 55 and Graduated top of herClass. My daughter worked, went to University of Oklahoma, her Sr year, she was Pregnant but still went to school, walked the Campus, 9 months PG, arranged to have baby during a break and Graduated! We are all single and have been through some really hard times. I would love to see my daughter Christina and my sister Theresa, get new cars or money, to just be able to breathe! I am disabled and don't drive anymore, Ihave to depend on them to take me to me to my Appts. I love my family so much and would love to see more laughing (I can only be enttertaining so long) I am from Moore, OK, Class of 1969, MHS and we have such a unique Class, we are still very close friends. Although I lost my best friend, Vicki WernerSmith, she was a Opera singer and just a beautiful person, she left this earth 9/30/2012! I have so many stories, my daughter and sister need a little help, my daughters house was robbed, she has lost everything, if I could bring some Sunshine and Happiness into their lives, I would be very happy! I am asking *anta for a pair of tap shoes and Peace on Earth. I love to hear tap shoes, I saw the kids in New Orleans, with beer bottle caps stuck on bottom of tennis shoes, Ifigured I would have to drink 2 six packs of beer and then, probably wouldn't be able to tap, so I think the shoes would be safer!! I love New Orleans, was on job assign in Manndeville, the people were so friendly!! Anyhoo, please consider us for your next giveaways! Love You and your show!! Diana Crowe Felton