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Diana Chatham
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About Me After having had cancer in my brain, I've had a few seizures... Which I now control with a nutritional supplement... Dilantin didn't work I'd be hit with a seizure out of the blue, but now using GABA, I can feel when my blood sugar is dropping too low and eat something to prevent getting to the seizure point. Previously I was a ski instructor for both "normies" and handicapped. (910) 399-5805. It's been 6 years since I was diagnosed.
Diana Chatham
David Spade, Sophia Grace & Rosie
535 days ago

EXTREMELY URGENT!! RE: THE FATHER IN AUSTRALIA WHO IS DYING OF BRAIN CANCER. I have SURVIVED A STAGE FOUR BRAIN TUMOR (GLIOBLASTOMA MULTIFORME) after surgery, radiation and chemo, I signed myself out of the hospital and went on the BUDWIG DIET (see Bill Henderson's book "HOW TO CURE ALMOST ANY CANCER AT HOME FOR $5.15 A DAY") especially chapter 5, modified by Otto Warburg'g findings (google "cancer loves sugar") Budwig's diet was so successful the german pharmaceutical companies became alarmed and she was restricted to helping only terminal patients ("There's nothing more we can do for you, go home and get your affairs in order"), yet even then she had a 90% cure rate. when I went off the diet and ate a lot of sugar (celebrating my mother's 90th Birthday the cancer in my brain started to regrow, so I went back on the diet with a vengeance, and stopped the cancer in its tracks.