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Message from Ellen
524 days ago

Ellen you are an Angel!!! You never fail to make me laugh. I watch you show everyday on Youtube coz i dont live in US. Im your big fan from white Austria..(not Australia but Austria) When i saw the koalaing episode, i remember me before.. I also called it koalaing. Every morning when my husband goes to work and then he approach me to bed (im still sleeping) and he'd give me a kiss, then i koala him like not only a second but a minute or two and id say dont go to work coz ill miss you, please stay.. It was famous saying for us -- ''i will koala you'' Its just funny how you make it also famous and its so funny the vids peopz sent you.. noice! hope to see you in person one day ellen.. Stay kind as you are.. and please greet me in you show :D hehehe...

The One and Only Rihanna!
626 days ago

I love Rihanna!! who dont wanna meet Rihanna??? She's the best!!! i do wanna meet her at least a photo with her will be my happiest moment of my life!!!!