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Desily saurin
Name Desily saurin
Location Los Angeles, California
Age 15
Joined 438 days ago
Hobbies I like to sing nd listen to justin bieber <3 :)
About Me My name is desily nd i love justin bieber he is my idol nd i hope one day i could meet him nd there are three ways,the first one is a miricle,by praying alot nd wait until my dreams come true,or bye ellen nd i hope i meet him by ellen :)
Desily saurin
Justin Bieber
438 days ago

Hi ellen,
my name is Desily saurin,i am 14 years old nd i am a really big justin bieber fan more like a belieber and he has changed my life alot and you don't know how much i wan't to meet him. He is my idol nd always and forever will be my idol and i try to go to his concerts nd hope one day that i do. I pray every night nd day that one day just that one day that i meet him or go to his concerts, would just even lighten up my day and if i can just ask you a favor ... if u can plzz help me meet justin bieber and if i can plzz get that favor in return,can u promise me that it will happen and if it does Ellen i will thank you so much because there is not one day that i stop listening to justin bieber or watch ur shows so if u can plzz do that i would thank you so much nd u would just be the best lol :)... well bye Ellen
PS:Hope to see you in one of ur shows nd hop to see justin bieber to :)